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The Hair Wars Story as told by Hump the Grinder
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The Hair Wars Story as told by Hump The Grinder

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See classic footage from the hair stars on The Ricki Lake Show,
including Weaven Steven, Big Bad D, Lucky & Georgi-O
Plus, Hair Wars stage performances by
Tara & Manuella of Pasadena, California

& Donell Danny Davis 3-D of Detroit
Plus, the story about T.P. – the stylist who

lost it all because she didn’t have a plan.

Plus, Hair Wars producer Hump The Grinder goes into the ‘hot seat’
as he is interviewed by In My House Techno Music Show host T. Carlita
and talks about why Hair Wars is NOT a competition,

the upcoming show,
and why you don’t hear Hair Wars that much on the radio anymore.

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